The distracted driving solution for enterprises

FleetSafer promotes the safe and responsible use of smartphones and encourages safe driving practices




FleetSafer® by Cogosense is a software solution for smartphones and tablets that automatically detects driving status and enforces compliance with corporate safe driving policies.

FleetSafer® detects driving state and automatically puts the device in "Safe Mode" while driving.

In Safe Mode, a curtain screen blocks access to the keyboard and screen. All notifications and alerts are suppressed – including incoming calls, texts and emails.

FleetSafer Android

How It Works

FleetSafer can be offered as a software-only or hardware-assisted solution.

How it works - hardware assisted


The software works with hardware in the vehicle to determine the driving state and prevent prohibited use while driving. Device use is only prevented when driving in vehicles with the designated hardware.

How it works - software only


The software-only solution provides a vehicle-agnostic solution – preventing prohibited use of devices in any vehicle, without the need for hardware.

Contact Cogosense to determine which solution is right for your use case.

Safe Mode phone

Start » Safe Mode

Unlocked phone

Stop » Unlocked

Enterprise Reporting Portal

The FleetSafer enterprise reporting portal provides detailed reporting and analytics to simplify the reporting and auditing of conformance with company safe driving policies.

The portal is available to company administrators, reporting on any device use while driving including tampers and overrides. Summaries can be viewed at company, team or individual levels.

Options are available for real-time alerts or automated reporting.

Dashboards showing frequency of events

Dashboards chart the frequency of distracting events while driving.

Events plotted on a map

Drill down to examine the details of each driver’s trips and events and plot them on maps.

Administrative Portal

The administrative portal gives employers the ability to configure features, options and overrides for groups or individuals.

Policy options

Customize and apply policy options that are enforced by the software

Deployment monitor

Centralized control for management of and deployment to individuals or groups according to an organization’s structure